Picture the scene if you will.

Your local primary school is located within a rural village. 
It is a small village primary school with around 55 pupils and 2 Teachers.
The school is within 100 metres of a crossroads. All roads are very narrow, with a pavement on one side only.
The road is generally very quiet during the day except at school start and finish times.

At around 3pm parents start to arrive and generally park in the few Safe, Legal and Convenient parking places.
As the time ticks closer and closer to school finish time, the amount of cars arriving grow in number. 
The drivers "jockey" for the best places available. 
Soon all the places are gone.
A blue car drives up passing the school entrance, past the Yellow Zig Zags.
Now driving so slow, the only thing moving faster is a snail!
"Where can I park"? 
Pulling up after the silver car on the left
"Surely I will be able to fit my car in there"
With a little reversing the car is in.
"It doesn't matter the bonnet of the car is overhanging into the junction a little bit, I'm only here for a short time"
The driver gets out of the car and walks towards a group of parents chatting.
From the opposite road, a large people carrier arrives, driver and passenger looking around.
The roads are congested, 
"why didn't we set off 10 minutes sooner"?
"If you hadn't stopped for cigs"
"It's not my fault"
"Pull over there"
"Just the other side of the junction, it'll be all right, she'll be out in a moment"!
The people carrier pulls across the junction, stopping across the give way line, neither in, nor out of the road.
The couple exit the people carrier and walk over to the group. 
He lights a cig and cracks a joke, laughter all round.
In the group there are just two men, the women chatting and looking towards the school entrance.
The men just talk and laugh, he's such a laugh, always a joke and the timing is impeccable. He could have been a comedian!
In the distance the sound of a bell.
"That's it, they will soon be out now."
It's strange, as soon as the bell went, everyone turned in one manner or other. 
The mums, turning fully towards the gates,
The dads, heads turn, "are they coming"?
"She'll be out in a minute"
Soon the gates are awash with happy smiling children, running, shouting, and waving, each carrying a bag, some clutching precious paintings done that day that will soon adorn a fridge or kitchen cupboard in pride of place until the next masterpiece!
The mother from the people carrier see's her daughter, "Becci, Becci, over here"
The little girl hears the call, looks around and see's mummy
Mummy is with Charlotte's mummy, 
"Can I go to Charlotte's house tomorrow, please mummy, please, Alexis is going, can I go"?
Charlotte is now with the group 
"We are doing dancing on the Wii, it's going to be great" says Charlotte. A little taller than Becci, but in the same year group.
"OK Bex, so long as it's OK with Charlotte's mummy"
"Yes that's fine there will be 3 of them and Daniel, where is Daniel"?
The eyes start to search around, "He's always so slow"  "alway's the same with the boys"!
Then they see his blue hooded top
"Daniel go to the car"
"OK mum"
Becci and her mum say goodbye to Charlotte and her mum. 
Charlotte stops and looks across the road, then walks over to the silver car, standing in the road at the rear door of the car patiently waiting to get in.
"Mum, unlock the car"
The car gives a "Beep" and the lights flash
Charlotte opens the door into the road, Daniel opens the door near to the pavement, where he had been waiting.
They both put the seat belts on as they always did as soon as they got into the car.
Charlotte winds down her window as she see's Alexis.
All of a sudden at the top of her voice and in that excited girls voice she shouts "Byeeeee Lexi"
"Byeeeee Lotte" shouts Alexis running towards the junction
They both laughed, they did this every day, it was almost a ritual that had developed since the started at the school almost 3 years ago.
Daniel was not moved by this, he had seen it a million times and likely to see it a million more!
Becci, and Mum were now at their people carrier.," where's dad"? Becci says.
Becci always sat in the seat behind dad, because mum drives. 
Becci is now waiting for dad, he opens the door because the handle is high up and its hard to open.

A black car approaches and slows as the driver sees the little girl standing in the road by the car door.
The car has to "Squeeze" through the gap between the people carrier and the blue car that is encroaching into the junction.
The driver cannot see into the junction, he creeps forward to see a bit better

Honk Honk,  Screech,  Thump, and then a sound of metal on metal!

A scream rings out, not a child's scream, a panicked horrible ear piercing SCREAM. "Alexis, Alexis"!!!!

The driver of the car gets out, she is in shock, disbelief, this can't have happened, "I wasn't going that fast"
"I couldn't help it"
"What have you done"? Screams a parent.
"Is she all right"?
"Is she"?
"I couldn't help it"
"Don't move her, Call an ambulance, CALL AN AMBULANCE, WHO'S GOT A PHONE"?
"Is she breathing"? 
"No, No, don't move her, Leave the car there, her leg is under the wheel. 

The Head teacher comes running out with a first aid kit
"What are you going to do with that, she needs an ambulance, WHERE'S THAT AMBULANCE, Has somebody called the ambulance"?
It seems as though time has stopped still
Why is nothing happening?
Everybody are frozen, "why can't we do anything"?
"Alexis, Alexis, can you hear me darling, please God please, oh God No, She is so cold, HELP ME, HELP ME"
The head teacher is now starting to try to move people away, trying to stop people staring, a realisation is setting in. 
This is serious.
She barks out orders 
"Ring the Ambulance again"
"Leave that car where it is, Do not move it"
"But I didn't hit her says the man"
"It doesn't matter, don't move it"
"You, You and You don't move your cars either, I don't care where you should be, don't you dare move them"

In the distance a wail is heard, 
"is that the ambulance"?
"I think so, hurry up, come on"
A Blue Light, Wah,Wah,Wah,Wah
The ambulance is there at last, but it can't get close, too many cars.
Two people emerge from the ambulance, a green blur as they rush through the crowd.
The crowd are in shock, some crying others hardly dare look, others dare not look away. 
Everybody are dealing with it their own ways. 
There are angry shouts at the driver of the car. "What were you doing", "Didn't you see the girl"? "She needs locking up"

Then, another siren is heard, and another, both approaching from different directions. Two police cars appear as if in unison.

The police officers walk over to where the paramedics are frantically working away

Another siren, this time it's the fire service. 
The Bright red fire engine has to park a little way away from the crash site.
A fireman in a white helmet runs up to the scene, the police are at this time moving the crowd away.

"What is the little girls name, is the parent here"?
"Alexis, she's Alexis, I'm her mummy, help her, please help her, she's going to a party tomorrow, she loves to dance, its a dance party, Please, Please, oh God someone needs to tell John"
"Who's John"
"My husband, Alexis' daddy"
"I'll call him" shouts Becci's mum

"Lets get this car moved, her leg is trapped, we need to free her leg before we can do any more" The paramedic looks at the fireman and they understand each other. No other words are needed, they have both been in this position before.
The police are moving around, taking names, address's and asking questions, it doesn't seem to be the right time but it has to be done. "I know your upset" the policeman says to the driver of the black car, "but I need to get some details and record positions of the cars before you can move them" 
"I couldn't see, I had to creep out, it's all my fault, the green car swerved to miss me because I had to stick out into the road, she had nowhere to go, I couldn't see"
Becci is in the people carrier, crying, screaming, she's too young to understand, but she knows!
Charlotte and Daniel are both staring, 
Charlotte's mummy is on the other side of the road unaware that her children a slowly going into shock. 
They are both shivering and shaking, the crying has stopped
"Lex..... " the name won't come out, Charlotte's lips are quivering. It's almost like a silent cry. Nothing, Nothing!

The school didn't open for the rest of the week.
On Monday everybody were asked to go into the hall.
Pictures of Alexis were pinned on the walls. 
The school took time that day to remember Alexis. 
The village all turned out to say goodbye for one last time.
Why does it always rain, when you say goodbye for the last time, is it tears from heaven?
Charlotte will never forget her best friend.
Charlotte and Daniel don't go to that school any longer, they have moved to another school. The pain was too great.
Charlotte refuses to be called Lotte by anyone, not now, it's not right.

How did this happen?
Why did it have to happen?
The school had sent out letters to all the parents asking that they parked in safe places, surely parents wouldn't be so stupid, would they?
Why was nothing said to the parents, by others? 
Why did nobody challenge the poor parking?
Why wasn't the area patrolled from time to time?

Why are your children so important that the safety of others are threatened by your stupid actions?

"Are all children equal or are some more equal than others"?

(This is a dramatisation of a near miss that occurred this week, Nobody was hurt, no cars were crashed, in fact nothing at all happened other than the driver of the black car was verbally abused for raising his concerns).
The driver of the black car, oh that was me!

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What Young Drivers Need To Know

Passing your driving test is one of the biggest ambitions in a young persons’ life. Being able to drive offers freedom, opportunity and a sense of maturity. However, there are also downsides to being a newly-certified driver, which mainly include various motoring laws. Here I have compiled and explained some of the most important legal considerations in motoring.

The Road Traffic Act

The Road Traffic Act, or new Drivers Act as it is often called, was introduced on June 1st 1997. Its enforcement means that any driver who collects six or more points on their licence within two years of passing their test will have their license immediately revoked. Subsequently, you will have to retake both your tests and will be unable to drive unless accompanied by an adult and with L-plates on the car. If you pass both tests after this it will not remove the points, which will remain on your license for the duration of the three years that they are valid.

Road Tax

Road tax, or vehicle license, is mandatory for every vehicle in the country and must be renewed every year. Absolutely every vehicle must be taxed, whether it is road-worthy or not, unless you send a SORN to the DVLA, which states that it is not in use. It is hugely important that you first tax your car and then that you continue to do so. Failure to show a valid tax disc can result in a fine of up to £1000.

You can get a road tax disc through the DVLA or a select few post offices. All of these places will require you to have proof of valid insurance and an up to date MOT certificate of your vehicle is over three years old.


Unlike other types of insurance, car insurance is mandatory. This is to protect third parties in case you damage their vehicle or injure them personally. As well as this, it protects you from all of these things in case someone else crashes into you. Insurance rates for young people are usually extremely high, but this does not mean you should just ignore them. Being caught driving with no insurance can result in a fine of up to £5000, an immediate disqualification and/or six to eight points on your license.


Every single person on the road is required to keep their car in a safe and roadworthy condition. This is enforced with the MOT test, which must be taken three years after the cars production and then at least once year after that. Below is a list of all the different elements that will come under an MOT check-up:

-          Lights

-          Steering

-          Wipers

-          Windscreen

-          Horn

-          Brakes

-          Registration Plate

-          Identity Number

-          Seats

-          Fuel

-          Exhaust

-          Doors

-          Mirrors

-          Tyres

If you fail your MOT test or let your registration expire without having it tested, your car will be immediately considered unfit for the road. If this happens, you are only allowed to drive it when taking it to be tested for its MOT, and even then you may be disciplined by the police. Failure to produce a valid MOT certificate to a police officer can lead to a fine of up to £1000, although the usual punishment will be a £30 fine and a warning to take it to a testing centre.

Driving for the first time can be an exciting and liberating experience. However, it is extremely important that you are aware that driving is a big responsibility, which is why there are so many legal implications involved. Do your research, take all lawful precautions and you will be able to fully enjoy one of your first ventures into adulthood.

This blog was brought to you by Alexandra, a motor law expert and keen blogger. She writes on behalf of <a
href="http://www.grayandcosolicitors.co.uk/">top legal experts Gray and Co</a>, who offer professional and thorough legal advice. 

What methods of learning do you benefit from?
Some people like to read, study and understand in that manner.
Others like to be told, how to do something, how to improve a technique.
Then some "just want to try it out", see what happens and experience the outcome.
Can you see the benefits and pitfalls with each of the above methods?
What would you prefer? 
How would you tell your instructor how you learn best?
The more informed your driving instructor, the better they can fulfil your needs.
Add your thoughts to this thread and help me improve how I train you!
Welcome back to Ryan Wilson.
Ryan left to go to University and now is back on track to gaining his independence and driving license.
Looking forward to Lesson on Monday, Round and Round the Roundabouts. 
Plus I will introduce a couple of "New Techniques" to polish your driving to test standard.
Well done to Lexi. A fun first driving lesson with GSM Greenway.
Cockpit Drill and Controls, and basic moving away completed today on a rain drenched day
Next lesson: Move away and stop, Use of Gears, and Steering.
This will be a Great Driving Lesson.
Good Morning, What a Wet Wet day!
It looks like the weather is set in for the day.
Can you remember "The Two Second Rule"?
How is that affected in the wet weather?
What do you need to do to ensure you will be safe driving in these conditions?
Lights, Wipers, Heater / Air Conditioning will all be needed today.
Are you tyres all in good condition?
What is the minimum tyre tread depth?
Do you realise that the AA recommend you change your tyres BEFORE you get to the minimum depth?
Keep safe, and take advantage of the opportunity to gain valuable experience driving in these conditions.
Thursday 16 August
Excellent first driving lesson today with Chelsie Middleton in Castle Douglas
It always amazes me when a new pupil says "I don't know anything about driving" then you go on to prove they posses a lot of knowledge that makes the process easier.
Well done Chelsie, 2012 is going to be a great year for you, you've taken your first steps to independence

Last Thursday (9th August) i went down to Kirkcudbright Harbour Square to watch the Scottish Night.
It was the first time I have been down for a few years. The reason we had friends up from England. 
Very easy to "Not find time" when we are all busy working and training drivers.
I was so impressed by the evening and the amount of work, training and dedication that went into just that one night, I decided that I should give a little back.
I donated a 2 hour driving lesson to the event to be raffled on Thursday 16 August.
Hope to hear from a lucky winner very soon.